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Leadership Council

Rogues leadership council was created as a tool for our athletes to improve communication skills, become stronger leaders and grow their confidence as young athletes. During this program, athletes will develop invaluable skills through coaches meetings, group leadership sessions and individual evaluations.


Group Sessions

Group sessions are bi-weekly meetings to learn about different leadership concepts and topics. Each group session is made up of two leaders from each high school aged team. All group members are from similar aged teams. During these group sessions we will learn about various leadership topics and then open into a discuss about how these are applicable to each player or team. The goal is to learn from each other and see how you can apply these topics as a leader on your team.

Individual meetings

During our individual meetings, players must schedule and prepare a meeting 

Rogue will also provide brushes, rollers, plates, stencils and sponges. There is a limited supply of these items, meaning there is not a paint brush for every players to have one. Some teams choose to bring additional supplies as sometimes their hour will overlap with other teams and those teams might have a large number of these items.


It is important to bring your ideas with you to each individual meeting.


Who is the leadership council for?

Rogues leadership council is open to all national level athletes in the 15's to 18's age group. 

How do I join?

To join the 2025 leadership council, athletes must apply. After you apply, Josh and the coaches will choose who will be a good fit for this council.

We ask that athletes apply because it is important to be interested in this council. What you get out of this program will depend on what you put in, so being involved is important to your success.


There are 2 spots open per team and athletes will be notified on Wednesday, January 1st, 2024 if they will receive a spot in the program.

What is the time commitment?

Starting in January we will meet bi-weekly until the end of the season. Each group meeting is 1 hour long on Sunday. Coaches meetings start in January and are 10 - 20 minutes long. These meetings are for the athlete to schedule, however they are given a range of dates they must complete their meeting by.

Overall, this program requires about 1 hour per week from our athletes.

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