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About RoguE

ROGUE Volleyball was founded on the principle that the sport has and can provide amazing opportunities for young athletes. ROGUE Volleyball intends to provide a full-service club experience to every player. ROGUE is committed to providing the highest level of training for ALL players at every age group.  Our diverse staff, which include current and former D1, D2 & D3 Collegiate Coaches and Players, as well as current High School and Middle School coaches, demonstrates our commitment to offering the highest level of instruction to ALL athletes. In conjunction, our staff can provide a college recruiting experience unmatched by the others.



It’s an exciting time in volleyball both here in Columbus and nationally. More girls are participating in volleyball across the country than ever before and the growth continues each year. Thanks to this growth, over the past couple years the landscape of volleyball in Columbus has changed dramatically and We have become one of the most respected volleyball cities in the country. 

ROGUE aims to be like no other club in central Ohio. With a diverse coaching staff ROGUE offers high level training to ALL it’s athletes. Through our knowledgeable staff, players will: learn what it takes to make a middle or high school team; earn an opportunity to compete nationally; and even get recruited to play at the next level. At ROGUE, we want our players to learn how to work hard for something while maintaining a love and passion for the game. We want those who want to play at the next level to realize that playing college volleyball isn’t the goal, it’s the byproduct of doing something you love to the best of your ability.


ROGUE Volleyball was started as an alternative option to the standard club volleyball experience. More often than not, the club volleyball experience for coaches has been to either change coaching styles to conform to a club philosophy or to be left alone on a court with very little guidance or education. ROGUE Volleyball does not use a one size fits all mentality.


Our goal as a staff is to utilize each coach’s strengths while growing in all areas of the game. The continual growth of coaches is an integral part to the success of ROGUE Volleyball and it’s athletes.


ROGUE aims to become the most dynamic and versatile staff in central Ohio. It is our belief that coaches coach because they have a passion for the game and a love for helping kids. Every coach has their strengths and weaknesses, and we believe in creating an environment that fosters growth via collaboration, education and experience.


ROGUE Volleyball opened it's own facility in Gahanna. This spacious 4-court facility provides ROGUE members the opportunity to train year round. ROGUE can now individualize training based on skill set and skill level while maintaining one of Columbus' best court to player ratio.

RoguE VollEyball Facility

596 Claycraft rd.

Columbus, Ohio 43230

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