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Age Definition

Rogues Age philosophy

At Rogue, we feel it is best for players to compete within their grade when possible. Some players are not able to do this because they are considered too old. This is determined by their birthdate. The cutoff date is July 1st.

If you want to compete at the Regional or American level, please refer to Figure 1 to determine the age group you should be trying out for. If you want to compete at the National level please use the USA Volleyball Junior Player Age Definition chart. 

For more details please visit the links provided below.

regional & american level age definition

grade update.jpg

Age definition at this level is based on grade. Grade is determined by the 2024-25 school year.

National level age definition

click to enlarge

2024 usav age chart.jpg

*The age definition chart is for the 2024 Season.  We will update it once the 2024-25 Chart is published.

Age Definition Links

Levels of Competition


Our national level teams are the highest level commitment at Rogue. These teams will play in tournaments that require travel out of state to high level tournaments that will challenge our athletes. These tournaments can be up to 8 hours away.


Our elite level teams are are the perfect balance of competition and commitment. These teams will play in tournaments that may require travel out of state up to 4 hours away. Perfect for dual-sport athletes!


Our american level teams are less of a commitment but just as competitive. These teams will play in tournaments that may require travel out of state up to 4 hours away. Perfect for kids who play multiple sports or participate in other activities.


Our regional level teams are the lowest level of commitment at Rogue. These teams are perfect for families who prefer less travel. Regional teams are also a great introduction into the game of volleyball.

team types.jpg

Get to know Rogue

Attend our open house

Attending Rogues open house is a great way to get to know Rogue. You can meet coaches, administrative staff and returning players. This is a great opportunity to ask questions and see what Rogue Volleyball is like.

Saturday, June 8th 4:00 -6:00 pm

Join us at summer league, clinics or Open gyms

Rogue hosts several summer programs. Our 6-week summer league is a great opportunity to see what long term training is like with Rogue. Attending our Clinics and open gyms is perfect for families with full schedules in the summer.


Rogue Offer process

Rogue Offers

Some players will have an offer in hand right after tryouts. All other offers will be sent out via email by the end of the day, as late as midnight. Anyone who does not receive an offer will be notified that they have been placed on our call back list.

Families will have until 9pm the following Wednesday to accept their offers*

Post-Tryout Offer

Sometimes we see that a player may be better fit on a different team after they have already accepted an offer for a different team. In this case we will offer the family a position to move up to the next team or level. We will never move an athlete down only up

*In some cases, families will have 48 hours to accept an offer (For example, if your athlete attends an alternate or makeup tryout there may be only a 48 hour window offered to accept)

What do I Need to tryout for ROgue?

Please bring a digital or physical copy of your USAV membership. This membership is required to participate in any tryout. 

Complete your USAV Medical form

Please upload this form when registering for a Rogue tryout. If you do not upload this form, please bring a physical copy of your USAV medical form to tryouts or email a copy to

Complete your Rogue volleyball tryout registration

Registration for tryouts is $25. Included in registration is a tryout t-shirt that will be provided when you arrive for tryouts.

All steps must be completed to participate in a Rogue Volleyball tryout

Tryout Schedule

Please note thats 10's - 13's do not have a summer tryout date. The OVR has updated their tryout policies which can be reviewed here.

tyrou cireect _edited_edited_edited.jpg

Dates and details are subject to change

Doors will open one hour before tryouts

*18's - 14's Fall & Fall makeup tryouts are currently TBD and will take place as needed

** Doors will open 30 minutes before tryouts

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