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General Questions

What should I wear?
Athletes are encouraged to wear athletic attire that they are most comfortable in. Most of our athletes wear t-shirts, athletic bottoms (shorts, leggings or spandex) and sneakers. Knee and arm pads are common, but not required
Where is Rogue?
Rogue is located at 596 Claycraft Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43230
Do you offer private lessons?
We do offer private lessons! Each of our coaches has their own private lesson schedule. You can reach out to them individual via email, text or phone call.

Their contact information can be found here.
Do you offer clinics and open gyms?
We do offer clinics and open gyms! Some of these are seasonal training opportunities. We typically have them in the summer and fall.

Details about these can be found here.

Questions about Tryouts

When are tryouts?
Our tryout schedule is posted here for the 2024-25 season.

Tryouts will be held in July, October and November depending on your daughters age and availability.
What do I need to check-in?
When checking in for tryouts we will check for:

Daughters name and birth date
Proof of 
USAV membership
Uploaded USAV medical form
Rogue tryout registration
What is a head of household email?
The head of household email is the email address you used to register with USAV.

We ask that you register for tryouts with this email because it is the email used to add you to Rogue's rosters, tournaments etc.
What is a callback?
A callback means we do not currently have a position on a team for you. This does not mean you will not receive an offer from Rogue in the coming days. If someone does not accept their offer, we will call or email you immediately and you will have the opportunity to accept the open position.
What do I need for tryouts?
For tryouts, come dressed in athletic clothing (this typically looks like shorts or spandex, a t-shirt and athletic sneakers)

Please bring a water bottle.

Knee and elbow pads are popular but not required.
What if I can't make it to tryouts?
We have several tryout opportunities for families interested in Rogue and a full schedule listed here.

If none of the dates or times offered work for your family please reach out to
When do I know if I made a team?
Our offer process is outlined here.

Offers are sent out to the email on file by the end of the day, as late as midnight. Additionally, some players may leave tryouts with an offer in hand.
Can parents stay for tryouts?
Parents are welcome to stay for tryouts, but we ask that you attend as a quiet observer.

I made a team, now what?

Where do I register?
Links to register will be emailed out with your contract. For the 2023-24 season we are using teamsnap for registration and communication.
When will I know my schedule?
Schedules are posted on team pages and in teamsnap once they are complete.

Due to the nature of scheduling tournaments, your schedule may be partially complete untill the end of December.
When is practice?
Practices for our club teams start the week of Thanksgiving*
Regional teams will practice 2 times per week, American and National teams 3 times per week.

*This date is subject to change
Who is my coach?
You can see who coaches your team on your teams page, on teamsnap or under our staff page.
Who is my team parent?
Team parents are chosen after our parent meetings in December. They will volunteer for the position and introduce themselves via teamsnap.
When do I try on my uniform?
In the fall you can come in to try uniforms on during any of our fall programming (leagues, open gyms, etc.) After October, you can try them on during picture or wall painting day.

We ask that all athletes try on their uniform items to avoid misfitting items.

Questions about ROgue membership

What is fall training?
Fall training is optional, position based training we offer to all Rogue members.

During position training, our athletes work on skills 
What is Hudl?
Huld is a program we use to go over game footage. This is offered to all of our national level teams

Your daughter will be invited to her teams hudl in January and will be able to review film and create highlights for college coaches if that is her goal.
When will I get my uniform?
At Rogue, we partner with Ren Athletics to provide uniforms for all our teams.

Jerseys arrival times vary, but typically are ready to be passed out to our athletes by January.
What is wall painting day?
Wall painting day is a tradition at Rogue. Every December, each team and their coach are given a blank dry wall sheet and given 1-2 hours to paint their sheet in whatever theme they want.

Every piece of dry wall is hung in our gym and is a way to celebrate the upcoming season.
Why is my daughter lifting at practice?
At Rogue, we partner with SES Performance to provide sports performance and injury prevention programming to our athletes.

Our goal is to prevent injuries and build strength through weight lifting. SES Performance has developed safe but challenging programming for all Rogue athletes.
When should I order my uniform?
Placing your uniform order as soon as possible is incredibly important. We need all sizing information by December 5th.

We ask that our families come in to Rogue to try on all uniform items and place their order before they leave the facility.

Questions about Leagues

What should my daughter wear?
Athletes are encouraged to wear athletic attire that they are most comfortable in. Most of our athletes wear t-shirts, athletic bottoms (shorts, leggings or spandex) and sneakers.

Knee and arm pads are common, but not required.
What does my daughter do at Rogues league?
Rogue leagues are split into two types of practices: open gym style and clinic style. 

clinic style practices we run through warm up's and drills to learn technical skills and mechanics of volleyball. During open gym style, we split into teams and play several matches
What is an in-house tournament?
An in-house tournament is an event for our leagues that is held at Rogue.

During this tournament, the athletes are split into teams and play several matches. The goal is to provide a
Why do you split practices into two different styles?
We have found that organizing our leagues this way is great for our athletes to apply their skills to realtime game play.

Our goal is to provide a safe, fun environment to play volleyball while growing their confidence in the sport.
Why didn't my daughter get a t-shirt?
Each league receives a shirt that was designed specifically for that league.

Due to this, we do not order our shirts until we know how many we need and what sizes. T-shirts will be passed out once they arrive.

Questions about Travel

When do I book my hotel?
We will provide links to book with Rogue. It is important to book your hotel as soon as possible as some tournaments are incredibly busy.
Where do I book my hotel?
If a tournament is considered a stay-to-play tournament, a hotel link will be provided to you.

If a tournament is not classified as a stay-to-play you are welcome to book any hotel you prefer or refer to our travel handbook which has suggestions in all cities we have visited.
Have other questions? Reach out to us via contact form!
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