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Wall painting is a tradition at Rogue. When you walk into our gym you are immediately greeted with an incredible history of all of our teams.


Every piece of drywall in our gym has been hand painted by our incredible athletes.


During our wall painting day, each team is given their own piece of drywall to add to the collection. Check out some of this seasons work!


What to wear

It is best to wear clothing that you are comfortable getting paint on. We have a location for athletes to take their shoes off to avoid getting paint on them.

What to bring

Rogue will provide paint in 5 colors: Purple, Orange, Teal, White and Black. If you and your team need other colors for your project, please bring them yourself.

Rogue will also provide brushes, rollers, plates, stencils and sponges. There is a limited supply of these items, meaning there is not a paint brush for every players to have one. Some teams choose to bring additional supplies as sometimes their hour will overlap with other teams and those teams might have a large number of these items.


It is important to bring your ideas with you and brainstorm as a team before wall painting day. As a club, we block out 1 hour per team to paint their drywall piece. Some teams finish before the hour and some stay longer. Having an idea of what you want your wall to look like is important so you can spend your hour having fun painting as a team!

Schedule & Date

What day is wall painting?

Details about our wall painting day including the date, times and schedule will be posted here.


Details about our wall painting schedule will be posted here. It will be organized by team.

2023-24 Pieces

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