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Stability enhancement systems

Rogue Volleyball partners with Stability Enhancement Systems (SES) to elevate our athletes' training regimens. SES specializes in innovative injury prevention and performance enhancement strategies. Through this collaboration, Rogue Volleyball athletes will have access to expertly designed lifting programs, advanced injury prevention methods, and comprehensive sports performance evaluations. This partnership ensures our players develop their skills safely and efficiently, maximizing their potential both on and off the court. Together, Rogue Volleyball and SES are dedicated to fostering a high-performance environment that prioritizes athlete health and success.



Rogue Volleyball has taken athlete training to the next level by bringing an SES-certified coach in-house to deliver custom lifting programs tailored to each teams needs. This specialized coaching focuses on strength development, injury prevention, and optimizing performance. By integrating SES's cutting-edge methodologies and individualized attention, athletes receive a comprehensive training regimen that enhances their physical capabilities while minimizing injury risks. This hands-on approach ensures that every player receives the support and expertise needed to reach their full athletic potential in a safe and effective manner.

Injury Prevention

At Rogue Volleyball, injury prevention is a top priority. Through our partnership with Stability Enhancement Systems (SES), we implement advanced techniques and programs designed to keep our athletes healthy and performing at their best. Our in-house SES-certified coach provides personalized training that focuses on proper biomechanics, strength conditioning, and flexibility exercises. By addressing potential injury risks proactively, we aim to reduce the occurrence of common sports injuries and ensure our players remain strong and resilient throughout their volleyball careers. This comprehensive approach helps athletes maintain peak performance while minimizing downtime due to injuries.

Sports physical therapy

Rogue Volleyball is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of its athletes, which includes offering discounted, top-notch physical therapy services through our partnership with Stability Enhancement Systems (SES). Athletes can conveniently book appointments with SES's experienced physical therapists, who provide personalized care focused on recovery, rehabilitation, and injury prevention. These sessions are tailored to address individual needs, helping players recover from injuries, manage pain, and enhance their overall physical health. By integrating these services, we support our athletes in maintaining peak performance and long-term athletic health.


What day are evlauations?

Rogue and SES will schedule two evaluations, one in the early winter and one at the end of the season.


We are offering athletic evaluations to all our National level teams. After evaluations, recruiting age athletes will receive evaluation breakdowns to send to potential college coaches.

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