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2022 Summer Schedule

Weekly Schedule

All sessions Start June 6th and continue through July 27th

Clinics and Open Gyms

U10-12 (Entering 4th-6th Grades) 

2023 10_12 clinic open gym schedule.png
2023 MS clinic open gym schedule.png
2023 HS clinic open gym schedule.png

Daily Schedule

Mondays and Wednesdays

1 hour clinic for all positions/skills followed by one hour of Open Gym play.

ALL Players NEW and OLD ages 10-18.
At each clinic players will be separated via skill and age.  During the Clinics the player will be able to choose the skillset they wish to train in.  During the Open Gyms players will play both 6v6 games as well as other common games.

To let the kids Play.

U10 - U14 (4th-8th Grade)
Below Families can purchase a "One-Day" Clinic ($10) and/or Open Gym ($5) pass every time they wish to attend a session.  We also offer a Summer Pass (similar to a pool membership) for $175.

High School
The format is new this summer but it is similar to the U14 set up. Rogue will host a 30 min Rep Session ($5) prior to the Open Gym ($5). The 30 minute session is a focused training session specific to their positions and designed to maximize the number of touches in a shorted period of time.   The Summer pass for these sessions price is $125


No upcoming events at the moment

U13/U14 (Entering 7th/8th Grades) 

High School (Entering 9th Grade +) 

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