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ROGUE Volleyball was started as an alternative option to the standard club volleyball experience. More often than not, the club volleyball experience for coaches has been to either change coaching styles to conform to a club philosophy or to be left alone on a court with very little guidance or education. The one size fits all mentality of training is short sided and limits everyone involved. Our goal as a staff will be to utilize each coach’s strengths while growing in all areas of the game. The continual growth of coaches is an integral part to the success of ROGUE Volleyball and it’s athletes.


ROGUE aims to become the most dynamic and versatile staff in central Ohio. It is our belief that coaches coach because they have a passion for the game and a love for helping kids. Every coach has their strengths and weaknesses, and we believe in creating an environment that fosters growth via collaboration, education and experience.


ROGUE Volleyball, in partnership with Columbus Recreation and Parks, will be utilizing the Big Run facility located at 4225 Clime Rd. Columbus, OH 43228. This is an ideal location as it is easily accessible to many school districts that have been underrepresented in club volleyball in the past.

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