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Alivia Ramsey-Bennett

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 10.05.37

Alivia Ramsey-Bennett

Hometown:     XX

School:             Westland HS

Grade:              9

Number:          ##

Position:          OH

This is Alivia's 3rd year of playing volleyball. Alivia never played volleyball until 7th grade when she played for Grove City Parks & Rec, and then tried out at Rogue. She made the Rogue team that year and became a very strong player. Alivia decided to tryout for her high school team in 9th grade and made the Freshman team, and was also named a Captain. However, before the actual season started she was moved to the JV team. Because of her hard work, and willingness to learn, she quickly was moved from just an outside hitter to being made an all around player, and doing a very good job on the net. She got to dress Varsity for the play-offs. Alivia was named MIP at her end of season banquet by the JV Coach. Alivia has developed into a strong player, who sometimes doesn't realize her own strength. She's become a true leader and very strong player.
In her free time she likes to hang with her family and friends, and also babysit. 


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