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News From RoguE

Mon. Jul 13,

Good afternoon families,


Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!!


I have a couple of quick updates to give to you.


Early offers

They will be coming out this week. 

Everyone will receive a communication from the club about their specific situation.  If you and your daughter would like to schedule a meeting with me regarding their early offer please reach out to me via email to do so.  I will start making appointments once offers are out. 



Time will change for all groups!

We are shifting all practices for the remainder of July. Hopefully this will reduce some of the stress on families and eliminate some of the overlaps we are seeing. Please see the details below.


Low numbers session


All teams



Open Gym time change

High school open gym on Monday evenings through the end of the month will be from 7:30 - 9:00PM.

Middle school open gym will not change



Our commitment has not changed. We are still waiting on a number of checks from tournaments.  It has been a slow process for many groups and convention centers.  We will issue checks starting in late July (after the early offer acceptance deadline).


General notes

EVERYONE is still able to attend any training, clinic, open gym that we host at the facility for no additional cost.


We are hoping that school ball is going to start and continue for the full fall season, but we are preparing for alternative situations if that is not the case.  More details on this will be available if it becomes necessary.



Thank you,

Josh Chiero

Thu, Jun 4,



Come Join us for Open gyms and clinics.  Full details on our schedule at



Saturdays June 13th - July 25th



All Players welcome


Setting:      9:00 - 10:30 AM

Passing:    10:30 - 12:00 PM

Attacking:  12:00 - 1:30 PM


Open Gyms

$10/session or summer pass for $75

All players welcome


Middle school

Mondays 5:30 to 7:00 pm

Saturdays 3:30 to 5:00 pm


High School

Mondays 5:30 to 7:00 pm

Saturdays 3:30 to 5:00 pm


Thank you,

Josh Chiero



Good morning Families,


For those that were on the call yesterday they know this was coming, but I needed to shift the practice times just a bit.  Please see the below schedule.


2:45-4:45 Low number training - Must email Josh to attend - Space still available


5:30-7:15 - 13 White, 14 Purple, 14 GO and 15 White


7:30 - 9:30 - 15 Purple, 15 GO, 16 Purple, 17 White, 17 Purple, 17 GO


****We built these groups based on your response in the Google form****

- If you need to change your position please email Josh and notify your coach


- Again, Please remember every player that enters the gym needs to have their waiver signed and fees up-to-date.



Good afternoon Families,


Apparently, there was an issue with my last email regarding the call and most of you did not receive it.  Instead of trying to get everyone to rush onto the call we are going to push it to tomorrow at noon.


New meeting time:


Monday May 25th @ 12:00 EST


The "host" of the meeting is not compatible with safari web browser so please use either google chrome or Firefox.



Below is the previous email.



As a way to address many of the questions and concerns you may have before we get started I have set up a Google Meets video call for families.  I have set it up for Sunday May 24th at 2:00PM EST (POSTPONED to TOMORROW).  You can access the call via phone (voice), phone (video), or computer by using the link or call in number below.  


Please do me a favor and email me any general question you may have for the meeting to  A number of you have sent me questions or remarked in the comment section of the google form.  I intend on answering those questions in either a separate email or at the top of the video call.

Join by phone

‪+1 617-675-4444‬ PIN: ‪870 277 694 4412‬#




If you would like to schedule a separate meeting with me please reach out to me to do so and we can set up a call or in person meeting.

Thank you,

Josh Chiero

Good afternoon Rogue Families,

I want to do what I can to address some of the mechanics of what the next few months bring.  As I stated in my email last week our goals have not changed, but our execution has to.  We are able to participate in low contact training, so that is where we will start.  We will do this with individual contact reps and position training.  Practice will look similar to those practices in December, just a lot more spread out.  As I said in a previous email we will train from now until the end of July unless The OHSAA dates change.  We will participate in playing opportunities as they become available to us.  What that looks like is still TBD.  I continue to go back to that because it is not out of the scope of reality that fall sports get delayed and I don’t want to be presumptive.


There have been a few families inquiring about refunds.  We will be giving refunds.  The refunds we are issuing will be for the lost play dates.  We intend on training up until the last day OHSAA allows.  With this the loss in practice/training will be negligible.  As for tournaments, we have not been able to give the intended dates for tournaments. 


We will not be able to refund as much as we would like.  The reason for this is that there is a range of refunds being given.  Some tournaments are fully refunding, some are giving partial refunds, and some that have not committed to a refund. 


We are going to split the refund fairly and evenly to our families.  What I mean by that is, the amount refunded will be based on the total monies received divided by the number of tournament dates a team had remaining.  In order to receive a refund ALL dues must be paid in full.  Any outstanding balance will result in a family not receiving a refund and your daughter will not be able to participate in training.  


There are a few lags in the refund system that are causing some hitches in the early offering system.  On top of that and because we are only seeing a portion of the money back we are offering a second option for the refund.  If you would prefer We will roll $23/player/missed tournament play date into next year's club dues if that family decides to accept an early offer.


We anticipate having all of the monies from the refunds back by July 4th. So, that is the point in which we will start issuing refunds for those that wish to receive them.  We will be sending our early offers in mid June. Our early offer acceptance date will be 11:59 PM Wednesday July 29th.


This whole situation has a number of moving parts on an ever changing landscape.  I am trying to be ahead of the curve without being presumptive.  I ask that all families work with us while we work through this.  


As always please ask me any questions you may have.

Thank you,

Josh Chiero

I Forgot to add that practices will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the time schedule above.   We will add the weekend sessions soon.

I also want to send out a BIG THANK YOU to Kevin Amore for providing us some very useful equipment in preparation for the reopening.  We very much appreciate it.

Thank you,

Josh Chiero

Good evening Rogue Families,


This is a follow up email to my message last week. I will be sending a few of these today in hopes to keep them short and topical.  If you have any questions please keep them specific to the subject in the email.  For questions not specific to the listed topics please use this email or write a separate email chain.



  • Practice/Training (this email)

  • Zoom call/meeting on Sunday May 24th

  • Refunds, remaining balance and early offer for next year general email

  • Specific refund/balance email (separate email for each family)




First off, I want to make sure that everyone knows we understand that your response regarding your comfort level for your daughter in the gym can change at any time in either direction.  If/when it does please communicate it to me via email and have your daughter text her coach.


We have set up the gym allowing for 4 training areas, 2 full courts and 2 partial courts. Until we are allowed “play” we are going to keep this setup.  Once play is allowed we will convert the courts to our regular 3 court setup. 



Please find the waiver attached in this email.  ALL players must bring a signed copy of this waiver before they are allowed to participate in their first practice session.



Below is our indefinite schedule.  We intend on running this schedule from Tuesday May 26th through July 31st.  If OHSAA pushes their start date back we will push our end date back.


2:45-4:45PM - Low Number Training- No more than 20 players in the gym at once or 5 players per training space.  Please email me separately if you would prefer this time.


5:00-7:00PM - 13 White, 14 Purple, 14 GO and 15 White


7:15-9:15PM - 15 Purple, 15 GO, 16 Purple, 17 GO, 17 Purple, 17 White


Additional Practice Procedures


It is our goal to provide a safe and secure training environment.  This will require everyone to be diligent and mindful of others and their surroundings.  Below is a list of policies we are implementing.  We may update this list at any time.


  • We are not requiring players or coaches to wear a face mask, but anyone can wear one if they would like 

  • At the beginning of practice each player will be assigned a court and remain on that court the full practice

  • Each court will be assigned a ball color (Every ball has been clearly marked with separate colors in order to be easily identified.  When shagging players will only shag their color ball

  • Each ball will be cleaned with wipes after EVERY training session

  • When “huddling” players must use designated socially distant spaces

  • All players will observe socially distant celebration practices 

  • We ask that people celebrations refrain from yelling/loud exclamations  

  • We ask that players only touch necessary equipment

  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizer.

  • If at any point in time a player feels uncomfortable please voice this with a coach or Josh ASAP


Thank you,

Josh Chiero




May 15, 2020

Good afternoon Rogue Families,


I have written this email countless times over the past few weeks and every time I finish something changes making the email invalid.  For me, the lack of direction from the government as well as the organizing bodies has been the most frustrating part.  Much of what the future holds is unknown.  That is complicated by the fact that it feels some of the decision making has been random or dictated by lobbying groups.  We were very happy to hear the Governor and Lieutenant Governor announce the reopening of gyms and “low contact” training yesterday.  Today I am sharing with you that Rogue will open our doors on Tuesday May 26th. 


Below I am going to list a handful of facts that as of Today May 15th we know.

  • Volleyball across the state of Ohio is reinstated starting May 26th

  • OHSAA has banned any school sponsored activity through June 30th (this may change)

  • AAU Nationals have been postponed date TBD

  • A number of convention center tournaments have been cancelled including Summerfest

  • The NCAA has extended their recruiting “Dead Period” through June 30th

  • Numerous College camps have been canceled for 2020 


What are the likely outcomes from the above

  • Club’s training will resume May 26

  • If tournaments resume they will not happen until July

  • Active college recruiting will not resume until the fall

  • School summer programs will not resume until July


Redefining our Goals this year

COVID-19 has brought us unexpected changes that no one saw coming.  The whole dynamic of our daily lives were completely altered.  Now that we have some concrete information from the state it is time to evaluate and gameplan our return.  Rogue is committed to providing training opportunities in volleyball on a daily basis.  


Our Goal as a club is to promote the love of the game though mentorship and guidance to the volleyball community through our membership.  Previously this has meant pushing the concepts of training and competition to a higher level in preparation for the next level. This takes on a new form with the situation we find ourselves in. 


Many of you know that I am not OHSAA’s biggest fan, but I try to respect the opportunities OHSAA gives your daughters.  Assuming the fall sports calendar continues on the same schedule as it has in years past Rogue is looking at how we can give your daughters as much of an advantage going into their school season as possible.  



Everything we do in the gym will strictly follow the state guidelines, especially the restrictions around occupancy.  Additionally, we have added a few steps that we feel better protect and serve your families (please see COVID Practice Procedures attached).  Starting May 26th we will host nightly LOW CONTACT training and practices during the week with specific schedules TBD. Much of this will be single contact skills training with limited contact with others, similar to the training conducted at the beginning of the year.  On the weekends, we will conduct open training that will allow our players to “make-up” a training they missed during the week or get additional touches if they so desire.  The weekend opportunities will be open to all Rogue girls.  


In addition to those training sessions, we will also host a number of training sessions, open gyms and camps this summer.  All of our members will have unlimited free access to these sessions.  More details on this to come.


In order to participate in any Rogue training, clinic, or match player dues must be up to date.  If you have an outstanding dues an email will be sent over the next week with that information. As always we are more than willing to work with a family on a payment plan. 



As the state allows us to, we will start implementing more dynamic training methods and work into play situations.  We are asking that each family complete a short survey to help us with scheduling.  


Our full schedule is TBD.  Practice schedule is one thing and play schedule is another.  Please complete the 6 question Google Form by this Sunday May 17th at noon.  It should not take more than a few minutes and this will help us schedule training and get a vision of families comfort level in returning to action.  The link is below. 


Prior to entering the gym

Coach Kasey has done a great job in preparing a workout plan for the club.  I want to make sure that I recognize her for the time and effort she has given the club in putting this program together.  This is a great launching pad for the girls.  Please review and pass along to your daughter in preparation for our first day back in the gym.  The workout is on a spreadsheet with descriptions of the activities as well as video links. It will not take too much time for them to complete and they should do it consistently from now until we start in the gym.


We all appreciate all of the hard work that Kasey and all of our coaches put in this year.  We are happy that we get to reconnect and get back in the gym.  Please encourage your girls to reach out to their coaches, say hi and let them know how much we are looking forward to getting to see each other again.



There were a few stipulations required by all before returning to the gym.  One of those being the club must communicate to each family that any COVID-19 related issues resulting in the return to volleyball action is not covered by USAV insurance.  In an email coming in the next week there will be a waiver of liability that each player must complete before being allowed to participate.  There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.


Thank you,

Josh Chiero



Good morning Rogue Families,


COVID-19 has changed all of our lives drastically.  As we work through those changes we want to start looking ahead to try to regain some normalcy in life.  I hope that volleyball will be one of those factors that aids in that progression back to a more normal everyday life for us.


If I understand the situation correctly the process to reopen will be similar to how society was shut down.  I believe it will be a tiered process, limiting the number of people/per activity or space and gradually expanding that to larger and larger groups.  I have been working hard with Kasey and the coaches on the best methods to ensure safety in returning to activity while limiting exposure.


We do not have a plan; we have multiple plans and will execute the right plan based on the situation we end up in.  The goal in the reboot progression is to create a seamless transition from at home workout to the first tournament back.  Below I will outline the general structure we are looking at.


At Home workout (2 weeks)

Small group/position training (1-2 weeks)

Team training (1-2 weeks)



It is our intension that every player starts the “At Home” program a few weeks before the first in-person sessions held at Rogue’s gym.  The start date of the at home program will be heavily dictated by Governor DeWine’s restrictions.  We will send out the at home program on what we believe to be 2 weeks prior to the first in person session.    


When Rogue is allowed to open its doors we will host practice everyday from 8:00AM-9:00PM.  Your practice/training days and time will be dictated by your daughters position and availability combined with similarly skilled players availability.  We will be sending out a Google form soon to collect that information as well as instruction on how to complete the form.



I continue to hear good things about events solidifying dates for rescheduled tournaments. As of now there are plenty of rescheduled tournament options for teams.  With that in mind each team will have the opportunity to complete a full season.   The most commonly named cities to host events are Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Toledo, Sandusky, Cleveland, Akron and Fort Wayne.  Rogue’s facility has been tentatively approved to host small tournaments as well.  A revised schedule will be sent out soon.  Along with that, you will likely see hotel-booking emails soon as well. 


Thank you,

Josh Chiero


Club Director/owner

Rogue Volleyball

596 Claycraft rd

Columbus, Ohio 43230

(614) 974-8410

Oct. 16th 2019

Columbus, Oh- It's official Rogue Volleyball will be opening up our own facility this weekend.  OPEN HOUSE will be from 2:00-6:00 PM at the Rogue Volleyball Center (596 Claycraft Rd. Columbus, Ohio 43230).

At the open house we will be thrilled to show you our new 4 court facility, share with you our plans, team schedules and meet and greet the staff.  

We are happy to share that we will still be working with Columbus Recreation and Parks Department Big Run Facility for the 2020 season as well.  Practices will held at both Rogue Volleyball Center and Big Run.  

Join us Sunday Oct. 20th from 2:00-6:00PM for OPEN HOUSE

Rogue Volleyball is partnering with Adidas for the 2020 season

Oct. 1st 2019

Columbus, Oh- Rogue Volleyball is excited to announce their apparel partnership with ADIDAS-- proud sponsor of USA Volleyball!


Our partnership with ADIDAS will provide upgraded equipment for each player and more updates.

Check out one of our jersey options and check back to see how you can vote for your favorite jersey.

adidas 2020 white and purple F.JPG
adidas 2020 white and purple R.JPG

Kasey white to be named Director of Operations at Rogue Volleyball

Sept. 10th 2019


Columbus, Oh- Rogue Volleyball is excited to announce Kasey White as the new Director of Operations.  Kasey
has been a coach and mentor to the Rogue family the past two years, pushing the players and staff every day for excellence. She brings a wealth of knowledge as a trainer and coach.


Resume highlights

 - Played at Otterbein 2012-2015,

 - Undergraduate degree in Ex Science
 - Assistant Coach at OLHS 2016-2017
 - 5 years of club coaching ages 13-16
 - Masters of Sport Coaching from The Ohio State University

“Kasey has helped grow Rogue into what it is today.  We look forward to seeing where she can
help take us moving forward,”  Said Club Director Josh Chiero. “Rogue is developing into the
volleyball community we have always hoped for and we could not hope for a better addition to
our admin.”  


Moving forward Kasey will be taking on some of the operational and administrative
responsibilities as well as a lead coach.  

Coach White can be reached directly at

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